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Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale® – Fourth SA Edition (WAIS®-IV SA)

Work | Clinical | Educational | Abilities | Neuropsychology | Academic Functioning

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale® Fourth Addition for South Africa (WAIS®-IV SA) is the most advanced adult measure of cognitive ability, based on recent research in the area of cognitive neuroscience and the theories and work of David Wechsler PhD. The WAIS-IV SA was adapted to provide South African psychology professionals with a comprehensive measure of adult intelligence that can be used for a variety of psychological purposes; from forming part of a selection battery to determine an individual’s ability to qualify for special services, to identification and treatment of psychological disability.

Basic info

Age range Individuals 16 years 0 months to 59 years 11 momths
60 years 0 months to 80 years in research phase
Administration time 60-90 minutes
Comparison group SA Norms
Language availability South African English
Scoring options Hand-scoring
Integrated report options YES

Additional info

download HPCSA_Certificate___WAIS-IV_SA.pdf