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Roberts Aperception Test for Children 2 (Roberts-2)

Assesses children's social functioning through storytelling

When evaluating children, it makes sense to look at more than just academic ability and achievement. Problem-solving skills, adaptability, sources of support, emotional adjustment, developmental issues all affect children’s functioning at school, at home and in the community. The Roberts-2 focuses on the child’s social understanding as expressed in a free narrative rather than being a projective test, which reflects developmental and clinical concerns. It asks the child or adolescent to tell a story in response to 16 testpictures. The Roberts-2 is currently available in three parallel sets – one showing White children, one showing Black children, and one showing Hispanic children. The Roberts-2 helps children generate stories in response to test pictures, indicating where they fall on a continuum of social understanding. Typically, as children become more socially experienced, their stories reflect greater awareness of social convention, more differentiated themes and clearer resolution of themes and conflicts. This alerts practitioners to possible social and emotional problems that are outside the norm.


  • Developmental/Adaptive Scales: Self-Support (feeling), Support Self (Advocacy), Support Others (feeling), Support Others (help), Reliance on others, Limit Setting

  • Clinical Scales: Emotion, Outcome, Unusual or Atypical Responses, Atypical Categories


It is useful in settings where adolescents are evaluated. It was created to help clinicians integrate Roberts-2 test score and interpretation into school, special education, and clinical case reports.


Since the Roberts-2 is a hand-scorable assessment, there are currently no software reports available.


Although South African research is not currently available for the Roberts-2, JvR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies.

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Age range

Children 6-18 years old

Administration time

Not specified





Administration Platform


Integrated reports



Glen E. Roberts, PhD



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