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Nathan Rogerson on digital technology & wellness and millennial burnout - Part 2

22 February 2019 — Duration: 00:35:43

Explore millennial burnout, digital over-consumption, & gaming's impact on mental wellness. Insights by Nathan Rogerson, clinical psychologist.

In this episode, we speak to Nathan Rogerson a qualified clinical psychologist and mental wellness coach. His Master's dissertation was on social media addiction and was the first study of its kind in South Africa. Nathan explains the effect of digital technology over-consumption and information overload on millennial burnout and overall mental wellness. Topics covered:

  • a phenomenon called millennial burnout and its relation to digital over-consumption and information overload.

  • the "failure to launch phenomenon" in millennials

  • neurotoxicity of gaming

  • importance of down-time and digital detox

  • is there permanent damage to neurogenesis from digital over consumption?

  • how digital overload affects empathy and relationships


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