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Learn more about how working with us benefit your strategy, people, and structure. We tailor solutions according to your specific needs.


Psychological Assessment

  • Strategy(Organisation): The organisation is staffed with the right people who consistently make the right decisions and deliver the right quality of work, which contributes to organisational sustainability.
  • People(Self): People gain insight into the personal strengths that they can capitalise on and the potential development areas they need to focus on to enhance performance.
  • Structure(Other): Best-fit employees are selected and placed in order to minimise promotional and general employment risk.
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Survey Design, Implementation And Analysis

  • Strategy(Organisation): A representative view on leadership effectiveness and workplace dynamics is analysed to allow for proactive workplace improvement and human risk management.
  • People(Self): People receive feedback about their engagement and well-being as well as the combined perspectives on their effectiveness and professional impact at work.
  • Structure(Other): Organisational intelligence about the level of employee and team functioning is gathered and initiatives towards achieving a high-performance culture are implemented.


Individual & Team Coaching

  • Strategy(Organisation): Leaders, individuals and teams are developed to inspire and engage others, which impacts directly on the leadership ethos and organisational culture.
  • People(Self): Employees are supported to build resilience, master work-life integration and improve their performance.
  • Structure(Other): Cohesion is nurtured and reinforced resulting in balanced team dynamics, shared accountability and sound interpersonal relationships.

Development Workshops

  • Strategy(Organisation): Initiatives related to identified development needs are implemented and internalised with structured facilitation.
  • People(Self): People are equipped with skills to improve personal wellness and resilience as well as to grow self-efficacy and leadership qualities.
  • Structure(Other): Teams develop characteristics of robust interdependence and the skills to actively deal with workplace challenges.

Competency Framework Design

  • Strategy(Organisation): The organisation has a validated blueprint for performance excellence that provides a foundation for other essential people processes such as performance management and talent development.
  • People(Self): Individuals and line managers have a common dictionary for the competencies required to perform successfullly in a role, as well as the behaviour that is necessary for career progression within the organisation.
  • Structure(Other): There is an agreed benchmark within and across teams for fair and objective measurement on ‘how’ duties should be performed.

Transition/Change Management

  • Strategy(Organisation): Organisational change is implemented through a structured transformation process where change interventions assist in boosting people performance and creating a change-fit workforce.
  • People(Self): The workforce builds internal strategies for change management through an understanding of the typical responses to change and their own experiences thereof.
  • Structure(Other): Acceptance, support and appreciation in teams are fostered when employees share their responses to change with each other.

Talent Management

  • Strategy(Organisation): An holistic methodology is established to select, retain and develop people with the current and potential abilities and attitudes to promote organisational performance.
  • People(Self): Individuals and line managers are aligned in their understanding of performance expectations so that goals are met, capability is optimally utilised and growth areas are identified and supported.
  • Structure(Other): Comprehensive job profiles are in place whereby the outputs of the people are aligned to the goals and needs of the organisation.

Stragegy Design, Development And Execution

  • Strategy(Organisation): Leaders co-create the organisation’s purpose and vision, as well as a roadmap of the goals and action plans required to achieve this.
  • People(Self): Individuals have a clear understanding of the strategy and their role in achieving the organisation’s goals through their participation in the strategy execution.
  • Structure(Other): The appointment of strategic project teams ensure the optimal utilisation of diverse skills and assist to prevent duplication of effort.


Action Research

  • Strategy(Organisation): Improved people risk management and Return on Investment (ROI) due to the implementation of interventions that are informed by collaborative scientific study and theory.
  • People(Self): People benefit from the implementation of context-specific interventions that promote employee engagement and well-being.
  • Structure(Other): A culture of continuous inquiry and reflective practice is established and leads to systematic improvement in the organisational/team environment.

Predictive Research

  • Strategy(Organisation): Data is analysed in order to forecast employee success factors and create internal benchmarks resulting in more accurate talent management practices.
  • People(Self): Improved person-job-environment fit and increased employee performance are achieved since selection and development decisions are based on verified people analytics.
  • Structure(Other): The organisation-specific research and benchmarking of key employee characteristics increase the probability of optimal team composition and sustainable performance.