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Work Personality Index® 2nd Edition (WPI)

Identify personality traits that directly relate to work performance.

The Work Personality Index (WPI) focuses on work-related personality traits, helping you identify candidates whose natural tendencies align with the job requirements and your team dynamic. This can lead to better hiring decisions and more cohesive teams.  The assessment reveals an individual's key motivators and behavioural patterns in the workplace. This can help you understand their strengths you can leverage and areas for potential development.

The WPI can help employees understand their work preferences and motivations. This self-awareness can guide their career development and help them find roles where they feel fulfilled and engaged. It can pinpoint areas where an employee might struggle, such as managing stress or working in teams. This allows for targeted development plans to address these challenges and improve overall performance.

In addition, the WPI provides insights into how individuals approach tasks, make decisions, and interact with others. This knowledge can be used to develop leadership skills that resonate with their natural style and enhance their effectiveness.


The WPI helps describe an individual’s style in terms of job-related strengths and weaknesses:

  • Energy and Drive: Energy, Ambition, Leadership, Social Confidence, Persuasion, Initiative, Flexibility, Multi-tasking

  • Working with Others: Outgoing, Teamwork, Concern for Others, Democratic

  • Work Style: Dependability, Persistence, Rule-following, Attention to Detail, Planning

  • Problem Solving Style: Innovation, Analytical Thinking

  • Dealing with Pressure: Self-control, Stress Tolerance

  • Special Scales: Managerial and Leadership Potential, Sales Potential (only available in Select Report)

 Applications of the WPI

The WPI offers valuable insights for various HR functions:

  • Talent Management: Identify high-potential employees and tailor development plans to their strengths.

  • Employee Selection: Match candidates with the right roles based on their personality fit and the job requirements.

  • Coaching and Development: Provide personalized coaching to help employees address weaknesses and maximize their potential.

  • Leadership Development: Empower leaders to understand their leadership style and focus development on areas for greatest impact.

  • Team Building: Foster stronger teams by understanding individual work styles and promoting collaboration.

  • Career Transition: Help employees navigate career changes by identifying their ideal work environment and preferred work style.

Tailored Reports for Specific Needs:

The WPI offers a variety of reports to cater to your specific goals:

  • Select Report: Make data-driven hiring decisions. This report provides a clear picture of a candidate's work style, how they approach tasks and interact with others, and their potential for success in your organisation. It complements traditional methods like skills tests and interviews for a well-rounded evaluation.

  • Developmental Report: Empower personal and professional growth. This report delves into individual strengths, weaknesses, and behavioural tendencies in the workplace. It equips employees and managers with actionable insights to enhance performance and achieve career goals.

  • Leadership Report: Maximize leadership impact. This report helps leaders understand their leadership style, strengths, and areas for development. By focusing on pivotal skills, it empowers leaders to create targeted development plans that drive impactful results.

  • Career Report: Chart your career path. This report provides valuable insights into personality traits, preferred work styles, and how to navigate career transitions. It equips individuals with the knowledge to find fulfilling work that aligns with their natural tendencies.

  • Job Match Report: Match the right talent to the right role. This report streamlines the hiring process by efficiently matching candidate personalities to job requirements. It ensures a strong fit between individual strengths and the demands of the position.

Product Info



Age range

Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

25 minutes


SA Norms


English and French

Administration Platform

User Portal/JVR Online/Data-capturing by Client Services

Integrated reports



Donald Macnab and Shawn Bakker


Psychometrics Canada Ltd.

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