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Assess Mathematics skill, vocabulary and attitude in primary school learners

The TriMaths assessment suite consists of three evaluations: Mathematics Vocabulary (Primary) MV(P), Study Orientation Questionnaire in Maths (Primary) SOM(P), and Basic Mathematics (Primary) BM(P). It assesses a primary school learner's study orientation, knowledge of mathematical vocabulary, and overall math comprehension. The results help educators identify areas for improvement and plan interventions to strengthen a student's foundational math skills and language proficiency during their early years of schooling.

 Assessment Content

  • Study Orientation Questionnaire in Maths (Primary) SOM(P) - Evaluates students' attitudes towards:

    • Mathematical World View: Their beliefs about themselves, the nature of mathematics, and how it's learned.

    • Mathematics Anxiety: Whether they experience panic, emotional distress, or self-doubt when working with math.

    • Study Habits: Their time management, focus, and consistency in studying.

  • Basic Mathematics (Primary) BM(P) - Assesses foundational cognitive skills in areas like:

    • Numbers (including multiplication, subtraction, division, addition, decimals, estimation, and percentages)

    • Number Patterns

    • Measurement (temperature, length, perimeter)

    • Shape and Space

    • Basic Data Handling (interpreting simple graphs)

  • Mathematics Vocabulary (Primary) MV(P) - Assesses students' proficiency in mathematical language related to:

    • Numbers (computation and fractions)

    • Number Patterns

    • Measurement (time and length)

    • Shape and Space

Areas of Application

The TriMaths assessment can be used for several purposes:

  • Introduce learners to effective study habits in mathematics: This includes the importance of motivation, background factors, and creating a positive learning environment for academic success.

  • Identify potential problems: The assessment can help pinpoint areas where a student might be struggling with basic mathematical concepts or understanding.

  • Identify inadequate math language proficiency: Early detection allows educators to provide targeted interventions to improve a student's ability to understand and use mathematical language effectively.

Product Info



Age range

Grades 4-7

Administration time

15-25 minutes


SA norms


English, Afrikaans, and Zulu

Administration Platform


Integrated reports



Prof J.G. Maree, DEd, PhD, DPhil (Psychology), Dr M.S. van der Walt and Dr S.M. Ellis


JVR Psychometrics. All rights reserved

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