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Six-Star Wellbeing Survey

Wellbeing is an area of emerging interest in organisations and schools globally, especially since research has shown that wellbeing influences employee and academic performance and culture. Individuals with higher subjective wellbeing are more engaged and productive, tend to have lower levels of absenteeism and ultimately, are less likely to leave the organisation or drop out of school.   

The Six-Star Wellbeing Survey provides insights into the mood, engagement, resilience, relaxation, communication and positivity of individuals. Reports provide scores at team/school/company level, creating a sense of anonymity for the respondents to respond honestly. Since the reports provide insights into the six aspects of wellbeing, it is also a useful tool for coaches or teachers wanting to ensure their staff or students are emotionally and mentally healthy, thereby building resilience in several ways. 


The Six-Star Wellbeing Survey assesses wellbeing across the following scales:

Mood: identifies worry, happiness, mood fluctuations and fatigue.

Resilience: measures how well staff/students value effort, stay determined and learn from challenges.

Engagement: determine attitudes, enjoyment and motivation of individuals towards work/school.

Communication: assess whether individuals effectively listen, talk and collaborate with colleagues/peers.

Relaxation: measures tension and frustration, as well as emotional calmness.

Positivity: reflects as individuals’ confidence and optimism, as well as their focus on goals.



The Six-Star Survey can be used to track, evaluate and improve wellbeing across the organisation/school. Specific applications include:  

     Identifying a baseline for wellbeing of the overall population or specific sub-groups within the organisation/school

     Monitoring the wellbeing of sub-groups over time

     Identifying strengths and potential target development areas for specific wellbeing and development programs

     Providing feedback on wellbeing of overall company/school and sub-groups

     Monitoring the impact of existing or future wellbeing programs

     Comparing subgroups within your overall staff/student population

     Correlating the wellbeing results with any specific relevant outcome measures or performance indicators

     Incorporating survey results into goal setting for your overall organisation/school or sub-groups



The Six-Star Staff Wellbeing Report summarises the data collected from staff members. A minimum of six employees should be assessed to ensure response anonymity (employees are also not asked to enter their name whilst completing the survey). Only group reports are available; individual responses are confidential and not available.   

The Six-Star Student Wellbeing Report summarises the data collected from students. Individual reports are also available, to gauge students’ general progress in the six areas assessed. 



JVR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research on this wellbeing assessment in their school or organisation.

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Age range

Students: 8 years and older; Staff: 18 years and older

Administration time

10-15 minutes (50 items)

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