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Rey Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trial (RCFT)

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The Rey Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trial (RCFT) measures recognition memory for elements of the Rey complex figure and assesses respondent’s ability to use cues to retrieve information, enabling practitioners to gather information on major aspects of neuropsychological functioning.


The RCFT provides a comprehensive cognitive snapshot of the client as it assesses five key domains of neuropsychological functioning, namely:

  • visuospatial recall memory
  • visuospatial recognition memory
  • response bias
  • processing speed
  • visuospatial constructional ability


  • Discriminates mildly brain-injured patients from normal patients.
  • Discriminates brain-damaged patients who have documented memory impairment and are able to live independently from those who are not.
  • Distinguishes deficient performance due to motor impairment from deficient performance due to memory impairment.
  • Evaluates the relative contributions of encoding, storage, and retrieval processes to memory performanceand deficits.


The RCFT is hand-scorable, and as such, no software reports are available. Scoring of drawings is based on the widely used 36-point scoring system and applies to all three drawing trials (i.e., Copy trial, 3-minute Immediate Recall trial, and 30-minute Delayed Recall trial). Each of the 18 scoring units is scored based on accuracy and placement criteria, and scoring examples are provided.


Although South African research is not currently available for the RCFT, JVR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies.

Basic info



Age range

Individuals 6 years and older

Administration time

45 minutes

Comparison group

Global norms

Language availability


Scoring options


Integrated report options


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