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Quick Neurological Screening Test, 3rd edition

Clinical | Educational | Neuropsychology | Clinical Diagnosis | Screening

The QNST-3R is an individually administered, empirically based assessment of the development of motor coordination and sensory integration (both of which have been shown to relate to learning aswell as to general daily functioning), seen as neurological soft signs (NSS). NSS are minor irregularities that include poor motor coordination, sensory perceptual changes, and difficulty sequencing complex motor tasks.

The presence of NSSs can therefore indicate neural trauma and is often a harbinger of learning difficulties (with or without trauma). The QNST-3Rasks examinees to perform a series of motor tasks adapted from traditional neurological and neuropsychological exams. These tasks are nonthreatening and requires no equipment other than a pencil. These tasks include figure recognition and production, palm form recognition, eye tracking, sound patterns, finger to nose, thumb and finger circle, rapidly reversing repetitive hand movements, arm and leg extension, tandem walking, standing on one leg, skipping, left-right discrimination, and behavioural irregularities.


  • Motor maturity and development
  • Tactile and kinaesthetic processing
  • Gross and fine muscle control
  • Motor planning and sequencing
  • Sense of rate and rhythm
  • Spatial organization
  • Visual and auditory perception
  • Balance and vestibular function
  • Attentional control


The QNST-3R can be used to:

  • Identify possible neurological interference in learning.
  • Document the presence of neurological soft signs and associated interference in learning and daily functioning


TheQNST-3R is hand-scorable, and as such, no software reportsare available.


Although South African research is not currently available for the QNST-3R, JVR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies.

Basic info



Age range

Individuals 5 years or older

Administration time

20 - 30 minutes

Comparison group


Language availability


Scoring options


Integrated report options


Additional info

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