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Quick Check Test (QCT)

Measures detail checking accuracy.

In many jobs, identifying and correcting errors is crucial. The QCT helps organisations select candidates with the sharp eye for detail needed for such roles. Candidates with strong detail checking skills (as measured by the QCT) are more likely to excel in these positions, while those with weaker skills may struggle to keep up.

The QCT: Measuring Detail Checking Ability

The QCT assesses a candidate's accuracy in checking for details. Participants compare pairs of words, numbers, or a combination of both, and determine if they are identical. This simulated real-world scenario helps identify individuals who can excel at detail-oriented tasks.

QCT Assessment Areas

  • Word Checking: Evaluates ability to identify differences and similarities between words.

  • Number Checking: Measures accuracy in comparing numbers.

  • Combination Checking: Assesses performance in comparing combined word and number pairs.

Applications of the QCT

The QCT is a valuable tool for streamlining the hiring process. It aids practitioners in making informed decisions during screening, recruitment, and candidate selection.

Detailed Reports for Informed Decisions

The QCT provides an Individual Profile Report for each candidate. This report categorises the candidate's overall detail checking ability as "below average," "average," or "above average" using a Stanine score (1-9). Additionally, the report includes the candidate's completion time and percentile score to offer a comprehensive picture for informed decision-making.

Product Info



Age range

Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

10-15 minutes


SA Norms



Administration Platform

JVR Online/Data-capturing by Client Services

Integrated reports



JVR Psychometrics


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