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Prospect Screener

Work | Abilities | Personality | Administrative Roles | Screening

There is an extensive demand in South Africa for a screening tool that can identify prospective candidates with the minimum capacities and characteristics to qualify for further testing and assessment. The Prospect Screener allows organisations to process many job applicants in a short space of time, allowing for the screening out of candidates based on their basic vocabulary, arithmetic, detail-orientation, emotional stability, and dependability scores. These attributes are widely considered to be important for effective job-fit and performance.

Basic info

Age range Individuals 18 years and older
Administration time 15-20 minutes (62 items)
Comparison group SA Norms
Language availability English
Scoring options JvR Online
Integrated report options YES

Additional info

Sample reports download Sample___Prospect_Screener_Group_Report.pdf download Sample___Prospect_Screener_Individual_Report.pdf