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Prospect Screener

Work | Abilities | Personality | Administrative Roles | Screening

Organisations spend a great deal of time and money on selection systems such as interviews, assessment instruments, and reference checking. It is important for organisations to ensure the cost-effectiveness of their processes, while retaining the highest standard of candidate. The Prospect Screener allows organisations to process a large number of job applicants in a short space of time, allowing for thescreening out of candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements of the job.

The assessment measures basic job capabilities, and by measuring constructs such as basic vocabulary and arithmetic, detail-orientation, emotional stability, and dependability, the Prospect Screener acts as a starting point for further assessment. Successful candidates would then undergo more thorough assessments to ensure candidate suitability for the specific job.


In addition to an Overall Prospect score, the report also provides scores on 5 scales:

  • Words
  • Numbers
  • Detail Checking
  • Emotional Stability and
  • Dependability


The Prospect Screener is most suitable to screen in candidates eligible to continue with further recruitment and selection processes and assessments.


  • Prospect Screener Individual Profile Report: This report provides results on all scales categorisedinto ‘screened out’, ‘prospect’, and ‘good prospect’.
  • Prospect Screener Dashboard: Designed for easy comparison of clients, this interactive dashboard allows practitioners to rank and filter through candidates according to demographics and Prospect Screener scales most relevant to the position being assessed for.


As a South African developed assessment, extensive research has been done with the Prospect Screener, using candidates from the corporate environment in South Africa. JVR Psychometrics also welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients to conduct studies within their organisations.

Basic info



Age range

Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

15-20 minutes (62 items)

Comparison group

SA Norms

Language availability


Scoring options

JvR Online

Integrated report options


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