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The rationale behind Profile:Match2 is that personality influences behaviour, which may then either enhance or diminish our to on-the-job performance. By mapping personality factors as measured by the  Five  Factor  Model to  observable behavioural  competencies,  practitioners  can  determine  the biases and dispositional tendencies that people may have .Although  there is  no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ personality profile since  they  can  all  work  to  the  benefit  of performance, certain competencies, or personality characteristics, have been shown to ‘fit’ better to certain tasks and jobs. Candidates receive a tailored questionnaire in   accordance to   the requirements  of the specific  job they  are  applying  for,  and  the  report incorporates analysis  of  the behaviours and competencies that are critical to success in that role.



The  Profile:Match2 assessments  draw  from  an  item  bank  built  around  the  Five  Factor  Model  of personality.  Each assessment utilises an item set focused on the specific competencies identified as necessary  for  success  in  that  role.  The  library  of competencies  is  grouped  into five  overarching sections:

  • Goal Seeking–delegating,independence, managing change, persuasive communication, project management, results orientation

  • Organisation–attention to   detail,   commitment,   information   management,   planning   and organising

  • Interpersonal–communication skills,  customer  focus,  developing  others,  interpersonal  skills, people management and team orientation

  • Enterprise–leadership potential, motivation, resilience, risk taking, self confidence

  • Strategy–analytic,creative, decision making, flexibility, problem solving, strategic awareness


The Profile:Match2 can be used in various contexts, especially within:

  • Applicant ‘sifting’

  • Staff Selection

  • Customer service

  • Employee development

  • 360 Appraisals

  • Coaching interventions

  • Leadership development


Reports are in-depth yet highly accessible and easily interpreted by all decision-makers, as they are written  in  terms  of  workplace  competencies. Providing  seamless  and  consistent  insights  across  the employee lifecycle, there are tailored reportsfor each role and stage in the employee ‘life cycle’:

  • Job  Analysis  Survey(JAS): Online  survey  questionnaire  that  gathers  information  about  any  job from managers, supervisors or employees that have done thejob or know it well (free survey).

  • Sifting  Report: Simplified  one-page  summary  of  key  findings,designed  to  assist  in  short-listing the most likely prospects from a wider pool of candidates (can be upgraded to Selection Report for shortlisted candidates).

  • Selection Report: Assesses a person's underlying temperament related to specific competencies identified as being important for the specific role they are applying for.

  • Personal  Development  Report: Explores individual’s  personality  characteristics  using  either specificallyselected competencies or the comprehensive framework of 10 generic competencies (Generic10TM), identifyingspecific  strengths  and  limitations  which  raise  self-awareness  and identification of personal development goals.

  • MATCH:UP™: Used  either  by  a  coach  or  by  the  individual  themselves,  provides  step-by-step guidance  online  for  personal  development  planning,  making  thevaluable  insights from  either thePersonal Development or 360° Reportsmore client-friendly.

  • P:M360 Report™: Can  be  based  on  the  key  competencies  previously  identified  for  any  role,  on Generic10TM  or  on  the  leadership  set  of  competencies.  In  this approach, an individual’s self-ratings  of  performance  are  compared  to  observer  ratings  from  their  line  manager,  their  peers, direct  reports  or  clients.  Uniquelyin the P:M360™ system, normative performance ratings are considered against the background of candidate potential -the extent to which their personality is likely to facilitate performance.


Although South African research is not currently available for the Profile:Match2,JvR Psychometricswelcomes   the   opportunity   to   partner   with   clients   in   conducting   research   studies   in   their organisations.

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