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Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® (MMTIC®)

Educational | Career Assessments | Personality | Academic Functioning

The Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children (MMTIC) is a self-report assessment developed to measure psychological type preferences in children and teenagers. MMTIC results provide educators, administrators, counsellors, parents, teenagers, and children with valuable insights into differences in how they learn and engage in healthy social interactions. Type has profound implications for both early learning success and lifelong personal growth and development.


The MMTIC instrument determines preferences on four scales:

  • Extraversion – Introversion
  • Sensing - Intuition
  • Thinking - Feeling
  • Judging -Perceiving



  • Self-understandingand development
  • Improved academic performance
  • Career and curriculum track exploration
  • Emotional and behavioural growth
  • Relationship development with peers and adults


The following software reports are available:

  • Student Report: reports the four psychological type preferences of the student, as well as the response consistency for each preference. The report includes type specific informationrelated to strengths and stretches, as well as suggestions for studyingand working withothers.
  • Verified Report: can be generated after the type verification process has been completed, and used if the student and adult administrator agree that the MMTIC scored results do not accurately reflect the students verified psychological type.
  • Professional Report: for school counsellors or psychologists, teachers of special needs students, or those adults interested in learning more about the individual development of a particular student.
  • Professional Verified Type Report: for school counsellors or psychologists, teachers, or adults. This report can be generated after the type verification process has been completedand the student and adult administrator agree that the MMTIC reported type results do notaccurately reflect the student's verified psychological type.
  • Career Report: based on information for each of the 16 personality types. The report helpsstudents narrow their career interests and provides activities and information related tospecific opportunities for them to explore, while keeping their type, skills, interests andvalues in mind.
  • Test Preparation Report: this report is most useful for high school, and even university, students, with outputs that provide students with insights into how to listen, process, studyand respond on tests, based on their type-based strengths, challenges and stressors.
  • Type Table Report and Classroom Manager: Students’ results can be aggregated into a typetable showing the distribution of different types for a particular group. Attached to the type table is a list with each student’s name and their response consistency for each preference scale.


South African research and case studies are available for the MMTIC, and JVR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting further studies in their organisations.

Basic info



Age range

Individuals 8 to 18 years (dependent on reading level and maturity)

Administration time

15-20 minutes (54 items)

Comparison group


Language availability


Scoring options

Own facilitator interface

Integrated report options


Additional info

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