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JvR Workbooks (Subject and Career Choice)

Clinical | Educational | Psychopathology | Clinical Diagnosis

We often commit the mistake of making the most important decisions in life with a minimal amount of information. The subjects you choose to take in matric can greatly influence what university programmes you can get into, and in turn influence the types of jobs you are eligible to apply for. Deciding what subjects to take or career to pursue, can be either an empowering or intimidating life experience! The JvR Subject and Career Workbooks are cost-effective solutions that integrates the youth’s unique abilities, personality, and interests and that, together with a practitioner’s guidance, can help the client make an informed decision about their academic and professional future.

Basic info

Age range Individuals Grade 9 and onwards
Administration time Approximately 2hours for 3 assessments
Comparison group SA norms (where relevant)
Language availability English
Scoring options Client Services
Integrated report options YES

Additional info

Sample reports download Report_Addendum___Career_Choice_Workbook.pdf download Sample___Career_Choice_Workbook.pdf download Sample___Subject_Choice_Workbook.pdf