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Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS)

Educational | Abilities | Academic Functioning

A study conducted by the World Health Organization revealed that 10% of their respondents reported witnessing violence (21.8%) or experiencing interpersonal violence (18.8%), accidents (17.7%), exposure to war (16.2%), or trauma to a loved one (12.5%). It is likely that victims of these incidents might sit with lasting psychological trauma if not assisted. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are scary, anxiety-provoking, and intrusive, often having a significant negative influence on the client’s quality of life and daily functioning. The Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS) is a quick screening tool available to practitioners to evaluate the frequency and severity of symptoms in their clients. Although still corresponding to the DSM-IV criteria for PTSD, the outputs of the DTS provides practitioners with both a total PTSD score as well as scores for each cluster (intrusion, avoidance/numbing, and hyperarousal) to aid practitioners in effectively suggesting suitable intervention or treatment plans.

Basic info

Age range

Individuals ages 18 years and older

Administration time

10 minutes

Comparison group

Global norms

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