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Conners' Early Childhood (Conners EC)

Assesses behavioural milestones of preschool children

The Conners EC is an innovative psychological instrument designed to assess the concerns of parents, teachers, and childcare providers about preschool-aged children. This instrument aids in the early identification of behavioral, social, and emotional problems. The Conners EC also assists in measuring whether or not a child is appropriately meeting major developmental milestones (Adaptive Skills, Communication, Motor Skills, Play, and Pre-Academic/Cognitive).


Behaviour Scales assessed:

  • Inattention/Hyperactivity, Defiant/Aggressive Behaviours, Social Functioning/Atypical Behaviours, Anxiety, Mood and Affect, and Physical Symptoms

  • Developmental Milestones assessed: Adaptive Skills, Communication, Motor Skills, Play and Pre-Academic/Cognitive


The Conners’ EC provides valuable information to consider when determiningwhether or not a child is eligible for early intervention or special education and related services.


  • Assessment Reports provide detailed information about scores from a single administration, presented both numerically and graphically. An individual's scores are compared to those in the normative sample and elevations at the scale and subscale level are indicated.

  • Progress Reports compare the results of two to four administrations for the same individual to measure changes over time, making them ideal for use when monitoring treatment and intervention effectiveness.

  • Comparative Reports combine the results of different raters to provide an overview of an individual's scores from a multi-rater perspective, highlighting potentially important inter-rater differences in scores.


Although South African research and norms are not yet available for the Conners EC, JVR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies in their practices.

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