Competency Assessment Series ® Version 3 (CAS V3)

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The Competency Assessment Series provides a range of uniquely South African assessment centre exercises, underpinned by a new cutting-edge competency model, to be job-relevant and assess current, as well as future potential.

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Basic info

Age range Various levels of employees (depending on the exercises selected)
Administration time 30 minutes - 2 hours depending on the exercise
Comparison group SA Norms
Language availability English
Scoring options Hand-scoring/E-basket (Client Services)
Integrated report options Yes

Additional info

download Product description (PDF)
Sample reports download Sample _ CAS Comprehensive Report (In-basket, Presentation, Role Play).pdf download Sample _ CAS Integrated Report (In-basket, Presentation, Role Play).pdf download Sample _ MetroBank E-basket Comprehensive Report.pdf download Sample _ MetroBank E-basket Integrated Report.pdf