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The Cognify is a game-based psychometric assessment of cognitive ability. Cognify is reported to be more engaging and enjoyable than traditional measures of cognitive ability.  Evidence supports the convergent validity between Cognify and traditional assessments of cognitive ability. Meta-analytical evidence further supports the predictive validity of Cognify for future job performance, which makes it a suitable tool for selection.


The Cognify measures four key aspects of cognitive ability:

  • PROBLEM-SOLVING (Gf): measures fluid reasoning (Gf) and spatial reasoning (Gv). This provides an indication as to whether the candidate has the cognitive capacity to make sense of novel problems and learn quickly in order to succeed in a role. Scores on this scale are determined by performance on the Short Cuts, Grid Lock, and Resemble games. 
  • NUMERICAL REASONING (Gq): refers to a candidate’s ability to solve mathematical problems under time pressure.  This ability is important where working with numbers is required. Scores on this scale are calculated from performance on the Num-Bubbles and Tally Up games. 
  • VERBAL KNOWLEDGE (Grw): measures candidates' ability to identify misspelled words and punctuation errors. This ability is important for roles that required reading and writing as a core daily task of the job. This is also an optional scale, and the optional game that can be played to assess candidate’s performance is Proof It!
  • PROCESSING SPEED (Gs): All the games are administrated under strict time limits. Processing speed is therefore implied in all of the mini-games.



The Cognify is best suited as a selection tool. Graduates might in particular be appreciative of the methodology used to assess cognitive ability.


The Individual Report provides the practitioner with an overall score which serves as an indication of the candidate’s ability to deal with complexity in the workplace. Candidates' performance on specific abilities, such as the ability to solve problems, work with numbers, demonstrate strong reading and writing skills, and process information quickly and accurately are also reported. 



South African research is now available for the Cognify, and JVR Psychometrics can make the technical documents available to clients on request. The Cognify is also certified with Assessment Standards South Africa (ASSA). 

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Age range

Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

20-30 minutes (6 games)

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