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The Cognify is a psychometric assessment that measures aspects of the Cattell-Horn-Carroll model of intelligence in the format of a game to improve candidates’ experience of completing assessments for selection purposes. By assessing aspects of general mental ability such as Fluid Reasoning, Visual Processing, Processing Speed, Verbal Knowledge, and Quantitative Knowledge, practitioners can determine whether candidates are suitable for the roles they are applying for. Studies have found that employees with above average cognitive ability were more likely to first,perform better in their roles, and second, be promoted faster and progress in their careers than employees with lower or average cognitive ability. Other research has also found that game-based assessments create amore appealing, less stressful assessment environment for candidates.


The Cognify measures four key aspects of cognitive ability:

  • PROBLEM-SOLVING (Gf): measures fluid reasoningand the ability to solve novel problems without having any prior knowledge. This provides an indication as to whether the candidate has the cognitive capacity to learn on the job. Scores on this scale are determined by performance on the Short Cuts, Grid Lock, and Resemble games.
  • NUMERICAL REASONING (Gq): refers to a candidate’s ability to comprehend quantitative and numerical concepts, providing an indication of their understanding of mathematical symbols and processes. Scores on this scale are calculated from performance onthe Num-Bubbles and Tally Up games.
  • PROCESSING SPEED (Gs): considers how quickly candidates are able to perform tasks accurately and efficiently. This is an optional scale, and the optional game that provides an indication of a candidate’s performance on this scale is Colour Pop.
  • VERBAL KNOWLEDGE (Grw): measures candidate’s written English knowledge, providing an indication of a candidate’s ability to use correct spelling and grammar and their reading speed. This is also an optional scale, and the optional game that can be played to assess a candidate’s performance is Proof It!


The Cognify is best suited as a recruitment tool for graduates and entry-level roles.


The Cognify Individua lreport provides the practitioner with an overall score which serves as an indication of the candidate’s ability to acquire, organise, recall, and apply information. Candidates’ performance on each of the assessment scales and games is also provided.

* a combined Cognify/Emotify report is also available.


South African research is not currently available for the Cognify. JvR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies in their organisations.

Basic info

Age range

Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

20-30 minutes (6 games)

Comparison group


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