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Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scales 2nd Edition (CAARS™ 2)

Aid in the diagnostic process, treatment evaluation, and monitoring of ADHD in adults

The Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scales 2nd Edition (CAARS™ 2) builds on the exceptional reputation of its predecessor. This new edition provides updated, expanded, and reconceptualised scales and new scales to cover core symptoms of ADHD and its associated clinical concerns in adults. CAARS 2 was designed to assess core and associated symptoms of ADHD in adults.  

The CAARS 2 retains key clinical content and DSM-based scales found in the original CAARS while adding several new or substantially updated features, including a Response Style Analysis section, Associated Clinical Concern Items (Critical and Screening Items), and Impairment and Functional Outcome Items.

Like its predecessor, CAARS 2 is designed to gather information from multiple sources, including the person being evaluated (Self-Report) and an individual who is familiar with the person being evaluated (Observer).


The CAARS 2 contains:

o   Expanded and enhanced validity scales within a new Response Style Analysis section that includes:

  • a new Negative Impression Index (designed to identify ratings that may be unrealistically negative or problem descriptions that may be exaggerated),

  • an improved Inconsistency Index (to capture inconsistent responding) and other new metrics,

  • such as Omitted Items (the total number of items that the rater omitted when completing the CAARS 2),

  • Pace (available for online administrations only) captures the average number of items completed per minute.

o   New Associated Clinical Concern Items have been added to screen for issues that may require clinical follow-up (i.e., suicidality, self-harm, anxiety, sadness).

o   The new Inattention/Executive Dysfunction Scale expands upon the former Inattention/Memory Problems scale to better represent a range of executive function deficits that are often experienced by individuals with ADHD.

o   The original Hyperactivity/Restlessness scale has been renamed the Hyperactivity Scale and retains items covering subjective restlessness, while also including items capturing verbal and motoric hyperactivity.

o   The previous Impulsivity/Emotional Lability scale has been split into distinct Impulsivity and Emotional Dysregulation scales to examine each area in greater depth.

o   The revised Negative Self-Concept Scale includes new content to capture the self-esteem struggles often experienced by individuals with ADHD, expanding the utility of the original Problems with Self-Concept scale.

o   DSM Symptom Scales have been updated and aligned with current DSM-5-TR symptom criteria.

o   The CAARS 2 ADHD Index has been enhanced to better differentiate between individuals with ADHD and those without ADHD by improving its sensitivity and specificity.

o   New Impairment & Functional Outcome Items were created to assess difficulties in functioning and adverse outcomes related to specific tasks (e.g., money management, driving) and broad domains (e.g., work, school, relationships).

o   Two new open-ended Additional Questions were added to elicit rater comments about other issues/problems and strengths/skills that may not have been captured by CAARS 2 items.


The CAARS 2 and Conners 4 were designed to be aligned and comparable to one another to facilitate a lifespan approach to ADHD assessment/monitoring and to simplify the integration of information as adolescents transition into adulthood.


The CAARS 2 currently includes a Single-Rater Report that provides detailed results from a single administration. This includes:

  • The rater’s responses and scores for all items and scales

  • Details on how ratings compare to ratings of other individuals of a similar age (and

  • gender if requested).

  • An option to compare scores to individuals with a confirmed diagnosis of ADHD.

  • A list of which scores (if any) are elevated compared to the reference sample.

 The CAARS 2 has the following online forms available:

  • CAARS 2 Self-Report and Observer forms

  • CAARS 2 Short Self-Report and Observer forms

  • CAARS 2 ADHD Index Short Self-Report and Observer forms

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Age range

Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

20 minutes


Global norms



Administration Platform


Integrated reports



C. Keith Conners, PhD; Drew Erhardt, PhD and Elizabeth Sparrow, PhD


Multi-Health Systems. All rights reserved.

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