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Autism Spectrum Rating Scales (ASRS)

Clinical | Educational | Psychopathology | Clinical Diagnosis

According to the World Health Organization, one in every 160 children struggles with an autism spectrum disorder. Evidence-based psychosocial interventions can greatly assist children struggling with autism to effectively engage in social settings, thereby having a positive impact on well-being and quality of life for both children and their caregivers. However, diagnosing, treating, and monitoring behaviours and features of Autism Spectrum Disorders can be especially challenging given that such children are typically not as comfortable with situations that require them to socialise or communicate. The Autism Spectrum Rating Scales (ASRS™) offers a solution in the form of a questionnaire that is completed by parents and teachers (or other caregivers) that evaluates the child’s attention and self-regulation behaviours, social and emotional reciprocity, language use, and sensitivity to various stimuli. These responses can provide valuable insights to the practitioner to make diagnostic decisions, plan treatment, and monitor intervention progress and effectiveness.

Basic info

Age range Individuals ages 2-18 years
Administration time 20 minutes
Comparison group Global norms
Language availability English
Scoring options Online
Integrated report options YES

Additional info