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Applying the Johari Window in today’s hybrid work environment

22 May 2024

Discover the power of the Johari Window in today's hybrid work environment. Boost self-awareness, strengthen relationships, and foster professional growth.

The Johari Window is far from old and dusty. It is as much applicable to our new way of working than ever before. This nifty tool was developed by psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1955 and is a game-changer for boosting self-awareness and building better relationships in teams and beyond. 


So, what exactly is the Johari Window?  

Think of it like a glimpse into the depths of your being. It's all about shedding light on how we see ourselves versus how others see us. Picture the window as having four panes, each revealing different aspects of our personality. Let’s explore these four quadrants: 

  • Arena (Open): This is the part of ourselves that's out in the open, known to both us and others. It's like we're "open books", sharing our attitudes, behaviour, and values with the world. The key here? The more we're willing to be open and accept feedback, the bigger this area gets. 

  • Facade (Hidden): Ever kept something about yourself under wraps? That's what the Facade quadrant is all about. It's our private space, where we hide certain parts of our personality. But here's the thing: the more we share from this hidden area, the more authentic and connected we become. 

  • Blind Spot: This is where things get interesting. It's the stuff others see in us that we might not see in ourselves. Think of it as a mirror reflecting back aspects of ourselves that we might overlook. By paying attention to these blind spots, we can grow and improve. 

  • Unknown: Finally, there's the Unknown quadrant, the mysterious realm of our personality that neither we nor others have tapped into … yet. It's like a treasure chest waiting to be opened, full of untapped potential and hidden gems. 


What is the value of using the Johari Window? 

  • Self-discovery: By opening up and sharing more about ourselves, we gain a deeper understanding of who we are. This is especially important in today's hybrid work environment, where communication is key. 

  • Strengthening Interpersonal Relationships: When we understand each other better, trust grows, and relationships flourish. By sharing our Johari Windows with our colleagues, we can adapt our interactions and build stronger connections. 

  • Facilitating Professional Growth: Seeking feedback and embracing personal development go hand in hand. As we uncover hidden aspects of ourselves, we can work on becoming better leaders, communicators, and team players.   

How can we use the Johari Window? 

  • Self-reflection: Take some time to think about your own traits and behaviours. What do you know about yourself, and what might be hiding beneath the surface? 

  • Feedback Exchange: Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from your colleagues. You might be surprised by what they have to say! And remember, it's a two-way street—be open to giving feedback too. 

  • Regular Updates: Keep revisiting your Johari Window as you grow and change. The more you learn about yourself, the more accurate your window becomes. 



In today's fast-paced work environment, the Johari Window is like a guiding light, helping us navigate the complexities of human interaction. By embracing openness and seeking feedback, we can unlock our hidden potential and build stronger connections with those around us. 

Are you interested in finding out more about your own Johari Window? Here is a link to a quiz that will shed some light on your own four quadrants. Please remember that the Johari Window is a great tool, but not a psychometric assessment. Your and your teams’ results can be used as the start of wonderful and insightful conversations. 

So, let's keep those windows open. After all, understanding ourselves and others is the key to success in both our personal and professional lives. Here's to lifelong learning and growth! 



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