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Hardiness Resilience Gauge (HRG)

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In today’s world, organisations are interested in finding ways to develop their employees’ ability to deal effectively in stressful and changing circumstances.Hardiness has been understood as a generalised style of functioning that encompasses cognitive (thinking), emotional (feeling), and behavioural (acting) qualities.Research hasindicatedthat individualswhohavehigherlevelsof hardiness are more resilient, flexible, confident, and approach life passionately, and are therefore less likely to experience detrimental effects of stress. There is widespread recognition that resilience can be developed, and the HRG can be used with individuals, groups, and organisations to provide candidates with strategies that can be employed to increase hardiness,and reduce the risks of burnout, in their daily lives.The report also discusses consequences of imbalances within an individual’s hardiness profile, and how to facilitate hardiness in others, which is becoming an increasingly important skill required of leaders today.


The HRG measures three components of hardiness:

  • CHALLENGE: Seeing change and new experiences as exciting opportunities to learn and develop
  • CONTROL: Belief in one’s ability to control or influence events and outcomes
  • COMMITMENT: A tendency to see the world and day-to-day activities as interesting, meaningful, and having purpose


  • Leader selection
  • Individual and group development
  • Other high-stress occupations, athletes, teams, and academic institutions


The HRG report provides a display with numerous graphs and descriptions of individuals’ scores on total hardiness and its three components. The report also offers strategies for developing each of the components, as well as how to balance these components to ensure optimal behaviour, thereby empowering clients to fully understand the implications of their results in their daily behaviours. By addressing how hardiness can influence effective leadership, the report ends with an action plan that candidates can use to guide them in their efforts to commit to their development strategies.


Although South African research is not currently available for the Hardiness Resilience Gauge, JVR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients inconducting research studies in their organisations.

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Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

5 - 10 minutes (28 items)

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