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Jonathan Cook - Insights for Managers - Part 2

24 June 2018

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Jonathan Cook - Insights for Managers - Part 2
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In this episode we interview Jonathan Cook, he is the co-founder and chairman of the African Management Initiative (AMI), which offers scalable approaches to developing African managers and entrepreneurs across the continent.

He is also the founder of Thornhill Associates, which provides customisable and cost effective online multi-rater feedback systems with accompanying consulting and coaching services, mostly for the purposes of management development. Go to www.thornhill.co.za for more information.

In this 2nd instalment with Jonathan Cook we cover:

• Setting vision and goals and reinforcing them by linking daily activities to goals
• Performance management as summaries of regular feedback and coaching
• Learning organisations, and learning managers (an overview on Kolb)
• The importance of feedback for managers and 360-degree feedback
• Managing behaviour change for managers and an example of constructively dealing with conflict

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