Our research and experience shows that in order to be effective, leaders need to understand how they can bring the best of themselves to their role to inspire and motivate others to perform at their peak. The best leaders don’t only optimise their strengths and skills to build their unique ‘leadership edge’, they also work hard to overcome risk areas and develop leadership behaviours/habits in 4 key areas that ensure their effectiveness.

Who’s it for?

Leaders who want to stretch and develop their leadership effectiveness and to get feedback from colleagues on their leadership approach. StrengthscopeLeader™ helps leaders understand:

  • Their unique leadership strengths and how these can be used to maximise their effectiveness
  • Their weaker areas and other risks to performance, including overdone strengths
  • Their performance across 16 leadership behaviours/habits essential to leadership effectiveness
  • The level of confidence raters have in their ability to positively impact 4 key outcomes essential to healthy organisational performance.

See sample report here: Download StrengthscopeLeader Design Sample Report