Strengthscope® (Brook & Brewerton, 2012) is designed to help those people completing it to identify their distinctive strengths. These strengths are defined as underlying qualities that energise us, contribute to our personal growth, and lead to peak performance.

Strengthscope® was developed to measure 22 work-related strengths. These strengths are grouped into four higher order clusters (emotional strengths, relational strengths, thinking strengths, and execution strengths). Strengthscope® helps individuals understand their strengths, the impact and possible consequences of having strengths in overdrive, how they apply their strengths at work, and how visible their strengths are to others. Recently, JvR Psychometrics, in partnership with Strengths Partners in the UK, completed two studies on the functioning of the Strengthscope in the South African context. The first study is a more technical document that covers the reliability and other psychometric properties of the Strengthscope. The second study provides the results from a small organisation that used the Strengthscope in conjunction with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) instrument as part of a development process. For further information on the research done (see links below), please email For more information on Strengthscope, contact or visit our catalogue. Strengthscope SA validation report Strengthscope and MBTI technical report 2015