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Exploring PROFILE:MATCH2™ – Part 1 (Job Analysis Survey Report)

Posted on: 8 May 2015 at 13:42 SAST

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PROFILE:MATCH2™ makes the link between personality and performance; focusing on the aspects of personality that are critical to competence and success in any role.

During the next few weeks, we will showcase the various report options found in this series.  This week, we look at the Job Analysis Survey

Selection processes are easily derailed when hiring managers are unclear about what they are looking for; which characteristics are really essential, which are desirable, and which are incompatible with high performance. To make good hiring decisions, it is necessary to know which the key ‘must have’ competencies are. In the longer term, a careful study relating competencies to performance will provide the definitive answer, but an immediate pragmatic approach is to sample the views of those in the organisation that know the job well.

The Job Analysis Survey (JAS) is a survey questionnaire that allows you to gather information about any job from the people who know it best. The people you decide to include in this exercise can complete the JAS questionnaire online. These may be HR professionals, managers, supervisors, people with past or current experience in that role – anyone whose opinion you respect.

In the JAS report, all the competencies from the PROFILE:MATCH2™ competency library will be listed in order of priority for the role in question, and indexed to show the relative importance of each.

Sample ReportClick here

Cost - The JAS Report is FREE (to all registered users)

Who can use this product – Qualified HR person, Psychologist; Psychometrist

Accreditation – No accreditation required

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