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Exploring PROFILE:MATCH2™ - Part 2 (Sifting Report)

Posted on: 28 May 2015 at 08:49 SAST

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Is your personality an asset or hindrance in your job?

For any job, a particular set of attributes may be either an asset or a hindrance to being employed.

For example, in any customer service role, being irritable (a feature of very low FFM Emotional Stability), will undermine performance, but being sensitive and empathic (a feature of high FFM Agreeableness), will be a beneficial attribute.

While a good match in any role makes a natural performer; a bad match might struggle to keep counterproductive impulses in check.

Making first pass decisions about multiple candidates can become frustrating and almost unmanageable when applicant numbers are high.

Let’s explore how the PROFILE:MATCH2™ Sifting Report can assist with this tedious task:

The one page PROFILE:MATCH2™ Sifting Report provides you with a visual picture of a candidate’s standing on each of the competencies required for the job as identified by the Job Analysis Survey. A series of questions addressing each mismatch indicates what the implications of each of these might be.

Sample Report - Click here for Sifting Report

Cost – Click here to view the PROFILE:MATCH 2 price list

Who can use this product - Qualified HR person, Psychologist; Psychometrist

Accreditation - No accreditation required

If you missed Part 1 (Job Analysis Survey Report) – please click here

Upcoming newsletters will include information on the following report options:

  • Selection
  • Development
  • Match:Up™
  • 360˚ Feedback

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