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Exploring PROFILE:MATCH2™ – Part 5 (360? Feedback)

Posted on: 30 July 2015 at 12:36 SAST

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P:M360™ assessments are based on the key competencies for any role. In this approach, an individual’s self-ratings of performance are compared to observer ratings from their line manager, their peers, direct reports or clients. Uniquely, in the P:M360™ system, these performance ratings are considered against the background of candidate potential – the extent to which their personality is likely to facilitate performance. This all-round perspective provides a particularly robust assessment, and a sound basis for reviews, appraisals and personal development.

Within P:M360™ you have the flexibility to focus assessment on your chosen competencies, to determine whether candidates select their own raters, to add ‘open-ended questions’ or to send group or individual emails.

P:M360™ is fully automated. When you launch your P:M360™ survey, the system handles all essential communication with candidates and raters. Participants are routed to their tailored online questionnaires, results are scored and interpreted and detailed reports are generated.

As you would expect from PROFILE:MATCH2™, you are guided through a simple step by step process to set up your P:M360™ survey. A series of easy to follow screens will request all the necessary information and allow you to tailor surveys to meet your requirements. Once created, each survey is named and saved within Survey Manager and can be reactivated for future use.

The progress of your survey can be tracked at every stage using Survey Manager, your personal on screen console within P:M360™. From within Survey Manager you can communicate with all participants, deal with eventualities, make any necessary changes and finally generate your P:M360™ reports at the click of a button.

Sample Reports 360° Feedback Report 360° Coaching Supplement Cost Click here to view the PROFILE:MATCH2™ price list Who can use this product

  • Psychologist
  • Psychometrist


No accreditation required

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