PROFILE:MATCH2™ provides assessments that are tailored to the requirements of the job. The predictive power comes from ‘behind the scenes’ psychometrics in the form of an item bank from which customised questionnaires can be built that focus on the specific competencies required for each role.

The power of PROFILE:MATCH2™ is that it transforms personality assessments into ratings of potential for a library of work place competencies. Personality has a fundamental impact on performance, and PROFILE:MATCH2™ uses mathematical algorithms to map these complex relationships between personality and job competencies.

The finely graduated competency ratings from PROFILE:MATCH2™ help you to identify the strengths and limitations of each candidate, and to compare with another’s knowing that any inferences you make will be even handed and fair to all candidates.

In the Selection Series, you will find a detailed selections report, a client feedback report plus an Interview guide to help you probe for further evidence of a candidate’s competence.

Sample Reports Selection Report Feedback Report Interview Guide Report Cost Click here to view the PROFILE:MATCH2™ price list Who can use this product

  • Qualified HR person
  • Psychologist
  • Psychometrist

Accreditation No accreditation required

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