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Team Emotional and Social Intelligence (360 Assessment)

30 March 2009

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    Team Emotional and Social Intelligence (360 Assessment)
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Author: Dr. Jopie de Beer

I cannot think of many careers as stimulating and exciting as Psychology. To try to scientifically understand human behavior is daunting but also extremely exciting.

Over the last decade, there has been a consistently growing interest in the concept of Emotional Intelligence. The focus was however mostly on the evaluation and development of Individual (child and adult) emotional Intelligence. Although the BOEI (Benchmarking Organisational Emotional Intelligence) allows us to evaluate the emotional and social skills of large groups there has always been a need to work with the EI of teams.

The Team Emotional and Social Intelligence (TESI) assessment is a very useful new development to help us in working with- and developing teams. It does serve a "diagnostic" function given that the team can be scored on any of the following EI scales...

  • Team Identity
  • Motivation
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Communication
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Positive Mood

What makes this assessment particularly interesting is that the scores are a reflection of how the team sees itself- a kind of mini 360! The scores lend itself to facilitation as to the origin, effect and impact of the scores as well as to prompt problem solving behavior.

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