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A person's work style is the way that they go about their day-to-day tasks on the job – how they prefer to organise and complete their work. Some people are most efficient when they're working independently and are responsible for their own schedule and tasks. Other people like having a team around them to give feedback on their ideas, to provide support and to help them stay on track. Some people bring emotion or intuition into decision making, whilst others focus on facts. In problem solving, some people pay close attention to details, and others are big picture types.

There is no right or wrong work style, but if a person is placed in a role that aligns with their preferences, they are most likely to be productive and engaged. That's why successful career advice and placement begins with establishing a person's characteristic work style. The Metacognitive Assessment Series (MAS) Work Style report helps organisations direct employees to roles where they are most likely to contribute strongly and be happy, engaged, and productive.



This report aligns a person with 1 of 4 Work Styles from a unique cognitive perspective, based on the interaction of their mental agility and cognitive confidence: 

Action-Oriented – These people have a 'can do' attitude and are enthusiastic, energetic, forthright and people-oriented. They like action, teamwork, quick decision making and rewards. They dislike slow pace, inactivity and administration.

Procedures-Oriented – They are practical, reliable and rule-abiding people, who tend to be efficient and orderly. They like procedures, administration, predictability and clear direction. They dislike ambiguity, disorganization and inefficiency.

Ideas-Oriented - They are 'big picture' thinkers and problem solvers, who are decisive, ambitious and achievement oriented. They like independence, autonomy and leading. They dislike repetitive tasks, small details and close management.

Detail-Oriented - They are analytical, systematic and detail conscious in their approach to work, and are cautious in decision making. They like complex tasks and working alone, and dislike large teams, risk taking and being rushed.

The reports assist practitioners in helping a person make informed choices about roles that are right for them and the type of work where they are likely to be happy, productive, and engaged in the long term. Use them to help in:

• Establishing which work style most accurately describes a person based on the interaction of their mental agility (speed and flexibility of thinking) and cognitive confidence (self-belief)

• Guiding their employee placement, engagement, and career development initiatives. 



JVR Psychometrics look forward to having local research and norms for the MAS Work Style and welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies in their organisations.



- MAS Business Fundamentals

- MAS Cognitive Style

- MAS General Potential

- MAS Learning Agility

- MAS Numerical


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Age range

Individuals 18 years and older

Administration time

15 minutes

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