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MAS Cognitive Style

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The world of work has undergone some seismic shifts. Gone are rigid work schedules and 'climbing the corporate ladder'. Working from home, flexible hours, contract employment and less hierarchical corporate structures are the new normal. Against this background, organisations are looking to build inclusive and diverse cultures, characterised by positivity, high productivity and cooperative teamwork.

The Metacognitive Assessment Series (MAS) Cognitive Style report helps organisations determine how best to support their people, through recognising individual differences, and by facilitating effective teamwork and communication. Tuning into a person's cognitive style is a simple yet highly effective way to obtain important information to help engage and empower individuals and teams. 



This report aligns a person with 1 of 4 Cognitive Styles. Each Cognitive Style represents individual differences in the way people think, solve problems and make decisions, as well as characteristic behavioral patterns that influence their job performance and how they mesh with others in teams.

Intuitive - Individuals with an Intuitive Cognitive Style are action-orientated and tend to use their intuition to solve problems and make decisions. They are typically energetic, enthusiastic and forthright, but possible derailers include overconfidence, carelessness and impulsivity.

Linear – People with a Linear Cognitive Style are practical, step-wise thinkers who like to use rules in problem solving and decision making. They are practical, steady, efficient and systematic, but may also be irritable and rigid in their thinking.

Global - Individuals with a Global Cognitive Style are described as highly conceptual, often using abstract reasoning and divergent thinking in problem solving and decision making. They are intellectually curious, innovative, incisive and resilient, but may also show signs of impatience and dominance.

Analytical - People who have an Analytical Cognitive Style use logical and reflective thinking to solve problems and make decisions. They typically demonstrate detail-minded, reflective and risk-averse behaviors, but may also be self-critical, self-conscious and over-thinkers.

Practitioners can choose this report to help a person recognize the positive contribution they bring to a team, and the steps they can take to improve their communication, collaboration, and overall job performance. The reports assist practitioners in:

• Establishing which cognitive style most accurately describes a person based on the interaction of their mental agility (speed and flexibility of thinking) and cognitive confidence (self-belief)

• Guiding their employee placement, management, coaching and development initiatives. 



JVR Psychometrics look forward to having local research and norms for the MAS Cognitive Style and welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies in their organisations.



- MAS Business Fundamentals

- MAS General Potential

- MAS Learning Agility

- MAS Numerical

- MAS Work Style


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Individuals 18 years and older

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15 minutes

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