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Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite

Hiring managers globally are continuously tasked with maximising the fit between applicant skills and the vacant job position. Maximising job fit isn’t easy because different jobs require different skill sets. To this end, Hogan has leveraged decades’ worth of validity research to refine a number of job-family algorithms, which use personality scales to predict performance across job types.

Created with machine-learning techniques, these algorithms predict overall job performance across each job family. This refined approach now weighs subscales from the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and scales from the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) in the personality profiles used within each of the nine job-family algorithms, to help you as a human resources professional make quicker, better hiring decisions.



Entry-level Supervisors – employees assigned to positions of administrative or managerial authority focusing on the performance of a small team within a functional unit, e.g., management

Professionals – employees with less legitimate authority but high status within the organisation because of knowledge or skill level. These employees usually are experts with a broad educational background who rely primarily on knowledge and intellect to perform duties, e.g., architects, engineers, legal practitioners, computer scientists, health practitioners

Technicians and Specialists – employees who rely on the application of highly specific knowledge in skilled manipulation (e.g., operation, repair, cleaning, or preparation) of specialised technology, tools, or machinery, e.g., installation, maintenance, and repair staff

Operations and Trade – craft workers (skilled), operatives (semi-skilled), and labourers (unskilled), whose job knowledge and skills are primarily gained through on-the-job training and experience; little prerequisite knowledge or skill is needed, e.g., construction, farmers, drivers, caretakers

Sales – employees whose interpersonal style and communication techniques are appropriate to establish relationships and sell products or services that fulfil customers’ needs, e.g., all sales-related roles

Customer Support – employees whose interpersonal style and communication techniques are appropriate to establish relationships and provide customers with courteous and helpful service, e.g., call centres, account managers, customer services

Administrative and Clerical – employees who plan, direct, or coordinate supportive services of an organisation. The main function of these employees is to facilitate the function of professionals by completing jobs that require little formal education or skill to complete, e.g., professional assistants, secretaries, clerks, healthcare support

Service and Support – employees who perform protective services for individuals and communities (e.g., police, firefighters, guards) and nonprotective services that require a high degree of interaction with people (e.g., food service, recreation, and amusement).

Customer Service and Support – A sub area within the service and support job family. These are employees who perform nonprotective services that require a high degree of interaction with people (e.g., food service, recreation, and amusement).



The Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite is one of the most robust talent acquisition solutions that combines the scientific rigour of the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and Hogan Development Survey (HDS) with the speed required of screening assessments. The HCRI, consisting of verbal and numerical scales is an optional add-on. 

The Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite is used to:

Help you quickly create and tailor hiring projects according to the needs of the role and organisation – allowing you to choose the competencies most relevant for the role.

Send assessments to the entire candidate pool, at once.

Sort, filter, and screen candidates across multiple layers of data.

Pull individual- and group reports according to your screening preferences.

Form an understanding of the candidate’s predicted performance, as measured by their HPI and HDS results (and optionally, HCRI results).



There are work-style reports available for each of the job families. For each candidate that completes an assessment, the practitioner can download a work-style report from the system that contains a description of the candidate’s work style, an overall job-fit score, scores on each competency relating to the job, personality insights based on the HPI and HDS scales tapped into, and interview question recommendations.



Extensive South African research has been conducted on both the Hogan Personality Inventory and Hogan Development Survey, with local norms available. JVR Psychometrics also welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies in their organisations.