Career Interest Profile ® Version 6(CIP v6)

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The South African-developed CIP v6 and its narrative, life-story supplement helps learners and young adults identify their main interests in order to assist them in deciding which careers will best suit them. Clients are gently guided to reflect and meta-reflect on their own career-related responses, providiving career counsellors with a guide to help clients not only choose ‘appropriate’ careers, but more importantly, advance their unfinished stories through constructing themselves and using their careers to design and live successful lives.

Basic info

Age range Individuals 13 years and older
Administration time 30-45 minutes
Comparison group N/A
Language availability English and Afrikaans (English on JvRO)
Scoring options JvR Online/Hard copy

Additional info

download Product description (PDF) download Exclusive Distribution Agreement _ CIP and MCM _ 20180709.pdf download Sample _ Career Interest Profile (CIP) Online Report _ 2018 update.pdf