JvR Psychometrics Integrated Reports: Sales Potential Report

JvR Psychometrics Integrated Reports: Sales Potential Report

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Author: JvR Psychometrics

Purpose The Sales Potential Report provides a summary of a candidate’s potential in relation to sales roles
Administer To Individuals 18 years and older
Reading/Educational Level Various
Administration Time Various
Scoring Options JvR Online and Client Services combination
Publication Date 2015
HPCSA Not applicable
Training None
Languages English
SA Norms No

This report is based on the results from the Customer Service Aptitude Profile (Customer Service AP) and the Career Values Scale (CVS). The Work-Related Risk and Integrity Scale (WRISc) can be added as optional or additional assessments for a more comprehensive profile of the candidate.

Report Scales

Definitions of the Sales Process:

  • Prospecting: Defining and researching the target market. Define what a good prospect might look like and planning how to approach different groups of prospects.
  • Initial Contact: Customising the approach used for every prospected group. Initiate first contact by offering help, support and information. Lay a good foundation for future collaboration.
  • Consideration: Schedule a meeting and consider the needs of the client. Listen to their challenges and opportunities. Get an understanding of their industry, company and role.
  • Present Offer: Use the knowledge obtained from the meeting, and compile an offer that is a solution to the challenges the client is facing.
  • Manage Objections: Manage and adapt any objections the client has to the original proposal. Ensure that the proposal suits the needs of the client.
  • Make the Sale: Closing the deal and ensuring customer satisfaction with the product or service.
  • Retain and Cultivate: Follow-up with each client and sale to ensure continued customer satisfaction and future business.

Report Overview

The Sales Potential Report has four sections: The Sales Process, The Customer Service and Sales Profile, Career Values, and Strengths and Development Areas

  • The Sales Process section focusses on the phases required to sell a product or service, and the candidate’s specific preferences for each of the phases. Understanding the individual’s strength and development areas in relation to the sales process, enabling the organisation to better manage and develop their sales force.
  • The Customer Service and Sales Profile section contains information from The Customer Service Aptitude Profile (CustomerServiceAP) and describes characteristics related to customer service and sales potential, and performance pertaining to Sales Success, Motivation, Work and Interpersonal Strengths, and Inner Resources.
  • The Career Value section is based on results from the Career Value Scales (CVS) and describes key features of the individual’s personal values system. Values can provide a good indication of what an individual would find satisfying and rewarding, and can be used as part of motivation during employment.
  • The Strengths and Development section will provide information on the specific areas where the individual showed strengths, but also with some development advice around those areas within the Sales Process, that may not come as natural to the individual.

Areas Of Application

It provides valuable information for use in selection, placement, and the development of people working in customer service settings.

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