JvR Psychometrics Integrated Reports: Safety Profile Report

JvR Psychometrics Integrated Reports: Safety Profile Report

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Author: JvR Psychometrics

Purpose The Safety Profile provides a summary of a candidate’s current safety attitude, and/or behavior.
Administer To Individuals 18 years and older
Reading/Educational Level Various
Administration Time Various
Scoring Options JvR Online and Client Services combined
Publication Date 2016
HPCSA Not applicable
Training None
Languages English
SA Norms Yes

This report is based on the results from the Basic Traits Inventory (BTI) and Locus of Control Inventory (LCI). When used for selection or development purposes, it should be kept in mind that this report provides insights only into certain aspects of an individual’s functioning, and that other sources of information should also be taken into account.

Report Scales

There are two distinct aspects of workplace behavior:
Compliance which includes the following subscales:

  • Rule following
  • Attentive
  • Careful
  • Resilient

Participation which includes the following subscales:

  • Safety ownership
  • Team work
  • Safety attitude

Report Overview

The Safety Profile report consists of five sections: The Safety Model, Definitions of Safety Scales,
Interpretation, Results, and Strengths and Development Areas.

  • The Safety Model: explains the two distinct aspects of workplace safety behavior, namely
    Compliance and Participation. The specific safety competencies associated with these two
    aspects of behavior are provided in the model
  • Definition of Safety Scales: Definitions of the aspects of the Safety Model are provided in this section, including those for Compliance and Participation, and the relevant competencies associated with each
  • Interpretation: In preparation for the results section, a specified guideline on how to interpret the scores on the competency rating scales, is provided in the interpretation section
  • Results: This section provides a graph of the results on each safety competency. A table containing the competency scores, with a description of the interpretation range, is also provided. Where relevant, safety flags are highlighted that correspond with competency scores
  • Strengths and Development Areas: Based on the individual’s results on the Safety Profile, the report concludes with the Strengths and Development section. This section can be removed and provided to the individual, with feedback, when used as a part of a personal development or coaching process. It provides the reader with specific areas where the individual showed strengths, but also some advice around those areas within the safety environment that may create flags for safety behavior.

Areas Of Application

The Safety Profile Report provides valuable information for use in selection, placement, and development of people’s current safety attitude and/or behavior.

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