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Author: JvR Psychometrics

Purpose To measure entry level requirements for most occupations
Administer To Individuals 18 years and older
Reading/Education Level Grade 12 (NQF Level 4)
Administration Time 15-20 minutes (62 items)
Scoring Options JvR Online
Publication Date 2012
HPCSA Submitted
Training None
Languages English
SA Norms Yes

The Prospect Screener allows organisations to process a large number of job applicants in a short space of time, allowing for the screening out of candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements.

Organisations spend a great deal of time and money on selection systems such as interviews, assessment instruments, and reference checking. It is important for organisations to ensure the cost-effectiveness of their processes, while retaining the highest standard of candidate. The Prospect Screener measures basic job capabilities in order to exclude those candidates that do not meet the basic requirements for selection. By measuring constructs such as basic vocabulary and arithmetic, detail-orientation, emotional stability, and dependability, the Prospect Screener acts as a starting point for further assessment.

The Prospect Screener will primarily be used to identify candidates who do not meet the basic requirements of the job. Successful candidates would then undergo more thorough assessments to ensure candidate suitability for the specific job.

Assessement Scales

The Prospect Screener has 6 scales:
Detail checking
Emotional stability
Overall prospect

Areas Of Application

  • Screening
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Research

Webinar: Using the Prospect Screener in high volume contexts

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Talent Attraction

JvR Online

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JvR developed

The Prospect Screener has the following software report available:

  • Prospect Screener Individual Profile Report: This report provides results on all scales categorised into ‘screened out’, ‘prospect’, and ‘good prospect’.

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South African Research

The Prospect Screener is a South African developed test with an entry-level applicant norm group. We welcome others who would like to partner with JvR Psychometrics on further research.
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