Mental Agility Series (MAS)

Mental Agility Series (MAS)

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Authors: Clare Lewis and Mark Cadman


Purpose To measure key cognitive abilities and provide an estimate of general mental ability
Administer to Individuals 17 years and older
Reading/educational level Grade 10 (NQF level: 2)
Administration time 6 – 18 minutes (battery-dependent)
Scoring options Online
Publication date 2018
Training No
Languages English

Working memory tests have emerged as an ideal way to quickly and accurately measure a person’s overall intellectual capacity or General Mental Ability (GMA), in order to predict occupational attainment and work performance with greatly reduced concerns about adverse impact. A person’s general mental ability provides the basis for determining their ‘mental agility’, or their capacity to learn new skills, adapt to new situations and to develop a body of expert knowledge, whilst also acting as a determinant of speed and accuracy on routine tasks.

The Mental Agility Series provides a valid way to sift large numbers of job applicants for progression to more in-depth assessments, and are highly valuable tools for ensuring people are not placed in jobs that are significantly above or below their intellectual abilities. All scales that make up Mental Agility Series batteries have been identified as measures of either fluid or crystallised intelligence.

Assessment Scales

The MAS can consist of a variety of scales, depending on the battery selected. All scales are timed.

  • Financial Reasoning: quantitative knowledge measure. Candidates are asked to manipulate numbers based on financial concepts, with the use of a calculator
  • Numerical Operations: quantitative knowledge measure. Candidates are tested on basic mathematical and calculation skills, without the use of a calculator
  • Series: fluid ability measure of inductive reasoning. Candidates are asked to determine the next number in a series, based on an induced logical rule.
  • Swaps: fluid ability measure of working memory. Candidates are asked to swap picture order
  • Vocabulary: crystallised ability measure of word knowledge. Candidates are asked to select ‘best-fit’ synonym

Areas of Application

  • Selection and recruitment screener
  • Development initiatives (on crystallised scales).

Report options

There are multiple reports available, depending on the battery chosen.

  • Business Fundamentals Standard: reports on the candidate’s Swaps, Numerical Operations and Vocabulary Level 1 scores
  • Business Fundamentals Advanced: reports on the candidate’s Swaps, Financial Reasoning, Vocabulary Level 2 scores
  • General Potential Standard: reports on the candidate’s Swaps and Numerical Operations scores
  • General Potential Advanced: reports on the candidate’s Swaps and Series scores
  • Numerical Advanced: reports on the candidate’s Numerical Operations, Seris and Financial Reasoning scores


South African Research

South African research and norms are available for the Mental Agility Series range of assessments. JvR Psychometrics also welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies in their organisations.

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MAS Business Fundamentals Advanced Assessment Report

MAS Business Fundamentals Standard Assessment Report

MAS General Potential Advanced Assessment Report

MAS General Potential Standard Assessment Report

MAS Numerical Advanced Assessment Report

MAS Quick Screening Test Standard Assessment Report

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