Locus of Control, 5th Ed. (LCI)

Locus of Control, 5th Ed. (LCI)

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Author: Professor Johann M Schepers

Purpose To measure locus of control
Administer To Individuals 16 years and older
Reading/Educational Level Grade 11 (NQF Level 2)
Administration Time 15-30 minutes (45 items)
Scoring Options JvR Online/Data Capturing by Client Services
Publication Date Revised 2016
HPCSA To be submitted
Training None
Languages Yes
SA Norms English

The Locus of Control Inventory (LCI) 5th edition, is a multidimensional measure of locus of control. The LCI is a South African assessment designed to measure this core psychological construct known as locus of control. Locus of control refers to the extent to which individuals believe that they are in control of their lives in general. This personality construct in turn affects an array of important issues, for example attitude, emotional health, and academic success, to name a few.

Assessment Scales

The LCI has 3 scales:

  • Internal Locus of Control: People who believe they are responsible for their own achievements, and that their personal objectives depend on themselves.
  • External Locus of Control: People with an external control orientation believe in random fortunes and events.
  • Autonomy: A person’s tendency to attempt to master, or be effective in their own environment.

Areas Of Application

The LCI can be used for the following purposes:

  • General employee selection and development
  • Employee engagement interventions
  • Coaching

Webinar: The Locus of Control Inventory (LCI) for the evaluation of attitude

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Development, Leadership, Safety, Succession Planning, Talent Attraction

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Prof Schepers

The LCI has the following software report available:

  • LCI Profile Report: The report provides tabled stanines with descriptions on the LCI constructs.

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South Africa Research

The LCI is a South African-developed product. It is well-researched in the South African context and has been demonstrated to work effectively across cultures and language groups. South African research on the relationship between the LCI scales and personality, work performance and well-being is available.
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