Leadership Behaviour Inventory – 2 (LBI-2)

Leadership Behaviour Inventory – 2 (LBI-2)

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Authors: Prof H. Spangenberg, DPhil & C. Theron, DPhil

Purpose To assess the capabilities needed by leaders and managers to implement major change while sustaining unit performance in the South African context.
Administer To Leaders or managers working in their current position for at least 6 months with at least 7 other respondents.
Reading/Educational Level Grade 12
Administration Time 40 minutes (120 items)
Scoring Options Client Services
Publication Date 2011
HPCSA To be submitted
Training N/A
Languages English (Afrikaans Pending)
SA Norms Yes (2013)

The LBI-2 is a fully South African 360° leadership questionnaire which assesses the extent to which a leader or manager demonstrates specific behaviours needed to develop and implement a challenging vision for the organisation, a work unit, department or project team.

This is achieved through an easy-to-use 360 questionnaire that asks superiors, peers and followers to rate the frequency with which they observe specific leadership behaviours. Each category: supervisor, peer, and follower – requires at least 4 (maximum of 60) individuals to rate the leader or manager being assessed – this ensures anonymity of the raters.

Since the assessment focus is on observable behaviours, the candidate should have been exposed to, or had experience of being a leader or managing a team. It is essential that a minimum of five respondents be involved; the candidate (who must complete the self-assessment, including the biographical section) and four other respondents (to do ratings).

Assessment Scales

The LBI-2 model comprises three key processes and 20 dimensions:

Energy and Drive: Energy, Ambition, Leadership, Social Confidence, Persuasion, Initiative, Flexibility, Multi-tasking

Creating Vision and Strategy : (Analysing and interpreting the environment; Formulating the vision and strategy)

Preparing the unit for Implementing the Vision and Strategy : (Preparing the leader and followers; Preparing the unit)

Implementing The Vision And Strategy : Innovation, Analytical Thinking

Areas of Application

  • To provide leaders with comprehensive insight into an individual’s leadership behaviours across the leadership-management spectrum.
  • To provide a good overview of the collective leadership capacity of a particular team, department, unit or region.
  • To form part of an initiative aiming at accelerating the learning and growth of designated candidates.
  • LBI-2 pre- and post-leadership measures can be utilised to determine the effectiveness of various organisational interventions.

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Application Area

Career, Culture & Fit, Development, HR, Leadership, Succession Planning, Talent Attraction

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The LBI-2 has the following software report available:

  • LBI-2 Report: Provides an overview of the leaders’ leadership skills, as well as more detailed information per dimension and item. The strengths and developmental areas for the leader are highlighted in the report through a gap analysis.

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