Career Interest Profile – Version 6(CIP v6)

Career Interest Profile – Version 6(CIP v6)

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Author: J.G. Maree, DEd, PhD, DPhil (Psychology)

Purpose To assist in identifying career interests
Administer To Individuals 13 years and older
Reading/Educational Level Grade 6 (NQF Level 1)
Administration Time 30-45 minutes
Scoring Options JvR Online/Hard copy
Publication Date 2006 (DVD: 2012)
HPCSA Not submitted
Training None
Languages English and Afrikaans (English on JvRO)
SA Norms Norms not used

The locally developed CIP v6 and its narrative, life-story supplement helps learners and young adults identify their main interests in order to assist them in deciding which careers will best suit them. To accomplish this, respondents are guided to first find out what their specific talents and preferences are. In order to meet this aim the CIP v6 incorporates both the questionnaire and narrative supplement in one easy to use format.

An instructional two-DVD set (3 hours) entitled ‘A Guide to Reflective Career Counselling’ demonstrates how to use the CIP v6 to facilitate career construction counselling. During this process, clients are gently guided to reflect and meta-reflect on their own career-related responses. The described strategy should provide career counsellors with a guide to help clients not only choose ‘appropriate’ careers, but more importantly, advance their unfinished stories through constructing themselves and using their careers to design and live successful lives.

Assessment Scales

Practical Creative and Consumer Science
Arts (planting, sculpture and decorating) and Culture
Word Artistry
Office-based activities
Information and Communication Technology
Mathematics and/or Accounting Industry
Social Care-giving and Community Services
Adventure, Plants, Animals and the Environment
Medical and/or Paramedical Services
Tourism, the Hospitality and the Tourist Transport Industry
Legal Practice and Secuirty Services
Executive and Management Practice
Engineering and the Built environment

Areas Of Application

The CIP v6 can be applied in:

  • Educational settings
  • Career counselling settings

The DVD ‘A guide to reflective career counselling’ assists the Professional to:

  • Gain an understanding of the key concepts of reflective career counselling
  • Gain insight into how the CIP v6 can assist practitioners in reflective career counselling
  • See the process of reflective career counselling in action on the basis of two real-life case studies

Webinar: Where and How to Use the Career Interest Profile (CIP)

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Career, Development, HR

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South African Research

The CIP v6 is a South African developed product. It has been used in research studies and features in
a number of books.

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