Cognify, the Basic Traits Inventory (BTI), and Individual Work Performance Review (IWPR) were administrated at Organisation X to conduct an audit of the organisation’s current potential and performance.


Key findings:

  • The average performance score for employees with higher potential was 6, whereas the average performance score for employees with lower potential was 4.
  • Employees that received high-performance scores is greater in the higher potential category (n = 32%) compared to the lower potential category (n = 20%).
  • Employees that received low-performance scores is greater in the lower potential category (n = 28%) compared to the higher potential category (n = 12%)


JVR calculated the gain in performance in Rands (ROI) if Organisation X were to use the proposed battery of assessments for selection decisions in the future using Utility analysis.


Utility analysis quantifies the difference in performance between low and high performing staff in positions. It, therefore, reflects the difference in Rands between your top and low performers and helps you make decisions about how far you can go to improve the performance of your team via selection – to ensure you achieve a return on your HR investment.


Download the case study to read more about our ROI findings at Company X