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Higher scorers on Cognify received a 29% higher rating for demonstrating technical expertise at work (and other findings)

Posted on: 20 July 2021 at 09:16 SAST

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Revelian partnered with JVR psychometrics, a leading provider of psychometric assessments in South Africa, to understand the relationship between Cognify and job performance among South African employees.


The sample consisted of 115 employees spanning multiple industries including education, professional services and oil and gas, and there was representation across job levels from semi-skilled employees through to top-level management.


Employees completed Revelian’s Cognify assessment, an interactive game-based assessment of cognitive ability that measures one’s ability to learn information, reason with numerical and verbal information and solve problems.


Employees were then rated by their managers on the Individual Work Performance Review (IWPR), a job performance assessment developed by JVR Psychometrics that measures multiple factors of performance.


Download the case study to see the relationship between Cognify and Job-Performance on the following dimensions:

  • In-Role Performance
  • Extra-Role Performance
  • Adaptive Performance
  • Counter-Productive Performance
  • Leadership Performance

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