Virtual hands up if you’ve watched the latest series of The Crown? Whilst there’s a great deal of debate regarding the depiction of the monarchy and the government during this period of time, one thing the series did do was reignite our interest in the leadership style of Margaret Thatcher.

Leadership literature often promotes the ‘enabler’ leadership style as being the most effective method of management, particularly during this current period of change when employee wellbeing is of upmost importance. But is this always the case? The success of Thatcher’s tenure is a hotly debated topic, but popular opinion is that her determination and will to achieve her focused objectives brought the country out of recession.

This webinar will discuss the benefits of both the ‘enabling’ and ‘directive’ leadership styles. Is a more forceful ‘Thatcher’ style of leadership required to drive businesses through this period of uncertainty, or perhaps a more inclusive ‘Boris’ strategy is necessary? Or maybe it’s a versatile leadership mix of both approaches that will provide the best step forward (an approach developed by leadership expert, Robert Kaiser).

Hosted by Chief Psychologist and MD, Gillian Hyde, and Consultant Psychologist, Bianka Varga, both of Psychological Consultancy Ltd., the webinar will explore whether directive leadership can be a positive, and give you an overview of how the Hogan suite of tools support this identification and development of leadership style.

When? 2nd March 2021. Register here.