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We proudly support the Moshal Scholarship Program

17 October 2018

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    We proudly support the Moshal Scholarship Program
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The JvR Africa Group partner with a number of organisations in order to contribute to the development of the youth in South Africa. The Moshal Scholarship Program has recently hosted a very interesting corporate breakfast and discussion with representatives from industry, higher education institutions, and the Department of Education. Specific challenges for youth development were highlighted. Our interaction with some of the alumni and current students highlighted the fact that the Moshal Scholarship Program makes a huge difference in the lives of so many young people. These young people are paying it forward and ultimately make a huge difference to the lives of others and our country. Established in 2009 by Martin Moshal, the program currently provides scholarships to over 909 Moshal Scholars in Israel, South Africa and the Ukraine to enable determined young people from challenging backgrounds to attend the top universities in their home countries. South Africa’s returns on higher education are very high, and this applies particularly to the sought-after degrees supported at the Moshal Scholarship Program. As an investor and businessman, Martin knows that the future of South Africa lies in leveraging its human capital.

“We must ensure we don’t sit by when so many young people of enormous potential are prevented from participating in the economy through economic misfortune.”

This year the government has decided to remove the obstacle of fees from the equation, for the neediest families. This is welcome news. However, financial stress is not the only reason young people do not enter university. It is also about aspiration, self-knowledge, subject choices and opportunities to overcome their basic education deficits. Once they get to university the challenge of getting through and getting a good job is enormous, resulting in very high attrition rates. This will severely impact on the taxpayer’s ability to get a return on investment, in addition to the personal costs involved. As a community of employers, we have an incredible opportunity now, to partner with government to ensure that not only do more students have access to university, but that they are provided with the critical wraparound support they need to succeed. This is not only academic and psycho-social support, but also the soft skills and networks they need, to bridge the gap from their backgrounds into the corporate world. We all need these young people in our businesses – they bring the tenacity that drives innovation and productivity. As South Africans, as employers, and as taxpayers, we have an important opportunity to seize. Please partner with Moshal Scholarship Program to make it happen. Partnering opportunities include:

  • Offer vac work to our senior students
  • Consider our graduates for employment
  • Provide mentors for our forthcoming graduates or new alumni
  • Create opportunities for internships or work shadowing
  • Participate in our panels of young professionals
  • Provide speakers and trainers
  • Conduct mock interviews of our forthcoming graduates
  • Let us know what degrees and faculties are best in your experience
  • Assist us in our selection process
  • Provide tutors for our Scholars who may need extra help
  • Share your space for us to hold occasional workshops and meetings
  • Any other activities that would be "win-win"

For more information about the Moshal Scholarship Program or how you can get involved, please see their website www.moshalscholarship.org or email their Country Manager, Jodi Bailey cm@moshalscholarship.org

For more information, please contact us on +27(0) 11 781 3705/6/7 or send an email to

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