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The ROI of cognitive ability

20 July 2021

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    The ROI of cognitive ability
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JVR was able to obtain data on the complexity, median salaries, tenure, and appointments per year on jobs in addition to the potential and performance data collected at a small- to medium enterprise.  Based on predictive validities from Cognify and the Basic Traits Inventory, we calculated that Organisation X could save R 1 481 754,82 over eight years for a high-complexity job if selection decisions are based on Cognify and the BTI (see Case Study).  The amount is based on the premise that one high-performing applicant instead of one low-performing applicant is selected per year.


Cognify is a game-based assessment of cognitive ability that assesses specific abilities such as Fluid reasoning (Gf), Visual-spatial processing (Gv), Quantitative knowledge (Gq), Comprehension-knowledge (Gc), Reading and writing (Grw), and Processing speed (Gs).  Cognify is reported to be a more engaging and enjoyable format when compared to traditional non-game-based assessments (see video for quick overview).  Professors Richard Landers’ presentation at an interdisciplinary workshop, highlights his findings based on independent research conducted with Cognify.  Professor Richard Landers is a world-renowned expert in gamification at Minnesota University.


P.S. The international technical manual can be sent on request.


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