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Strengthscope™- Releasing the Energy

Posted on: 25 April 2012 at 09:24 SAST

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Jopie van Rooyen & Partners recently was fortunate to host James Brook from Strengths Partnership, a world leader in providing practical strengths-based solutions to translate individual, team, and organisational strengths into quantifiable success and sustainable people advantage. Strengths Partnership is based in the UK and rapidly expanding their footprint around the world. During his visit, Mr Brook facilitated the accreditation training of Strengthscope™ in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  Strengthscope™ is an innovative strengths profile that provides a comprehensive measure of work-based strengths and the extent to which these are effectively applied by the individual and/or team at work. Strengthscope360™, an extension of Strengthscope™, enables the individual to receive feedback from up to 8 co-workers or external stakeholders to provide 360° feedback on the extent to which they see the individual using their strengths at work and how often they would like to see the individual using their strengths at work. In designing the central Strengthscope™ model, Strengths Partnership drew on a wide range of research from the fields of Personality, Ability, Positive Psychology and Strengths. They drilled down to identify the essence of strengths at work; finally selecting 24 strengths which they felt best captured performance-critical strengths in the workplace. Strengthscope™ encompasses a series of rating scale items to assist respondents in understanding their work-related strengths or sources of energy, the tasks and activities that are most likely to energise them, the likely consequences of using their strengths too much or too little, and the way that their strengths are being perceived by co-workers and other key stakeholders. Strengthscope™ feedback reports provide a comprehensive account of  individuals’ or teams’ strengths at work, ideas as to how to put these strengths to best use at work,  as well as the impact of these strengths in “overdrive”. The product suite includes:

  • Strengthscope™ Standard: Measures 24 strengths, alone with ideas on how to translate these into success.
  • Strengthscope360™:  Extended profile that measures 24 work-related strengths and provides the recipient with 360-degree feedback from up to eight stakeholders.
  • StrengthscopeTeam™: Provides the team with feedback on the strengths of the team together with the teams’ effectiveness against productive habits that are needed to translate these into successful outcomes.
  • Strengthscope™ Cards: A high quality deck of cards that describe each of the 24 strengths, including what the strength look like in the “peak performance zone” and in “overdrive”.
  • Strengths for Success™ Workbook:  A step-by-step guide to help the person move to action and optimise their strengths.

Training Programmes:

  • Strengthscope™ Accreditation: This fundamental and pragmatic certification programme covers Strengthscope™ and Strengthscope360™ and helps participants understand how to use these profiles across a wide range of applications.
  • StrenthscopeTeam™ Accreditation: The supplement programme provides an in-depth understanding of how to interpret and use StregthscopeTeam™ to maximise team effectiveness.

Jopie van Rooyen & Partners is the distributer of this instrument suite in sub-Saharan Africa and will be offering the accreditation training in the near future. If you would like to find out more about Strengthscope™ please contact Sandra (Sandra@jvrafrica.co.za) or one of our advisors on 011 781 3705.  

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