Dear Valued Customer,

RE: URGENT NOTICE It has recently come to our attention that you do not know about the following:

Strengthscope® (previously known as Strengths Partnership) has changed their business model and opted to deliver all assessments, training, and services centrally from the United Kingdom. This has quite a significant impact on pricing, accreditation and the collection of local data. As such, JvR Psychometrics will no longer be distributing the Strengthscope assessments; and JvR Academy will no longer be providing accreditation training.   Please note however that JvR Psychometrics will continue to do everything possible to provide assistance to you during this transition.  

How will this impact you?

As of 1 June 2019, you will be able to purchase reports directly from Strengthscope's platform. You can contact them directly at  

How will this impact your candidates?

Your clients will still be able to complete their assessments from the Strengthscope portal. Other than changes in the pricing and not requiring client support from JvR, there should be no difference.  

How can we at JvR Psychometrics further support you?

Although you will now be working directly with the owners of the StrengthScope assessments, we are always available to help and support you through the transition period - a change which should be seamless. Please feel free to contact our Account Management team at +27 11 781 3705 or email during office hours if you have any questions or concerns. You are also welcome to contact Pakeezah Rajab personally and directly at the above number or e-mail her at should you have specific concerns. As always, we really appreciate your support and look forward to speaking to you soon.

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