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Strengthening Workplaces

Posted on: 12 January 2017 at 06:24 SAST

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Achieve performance excellence using a strengths-based approach

73% Increase in engagement

36% Employee performance increase

90% Felt more positive and solutions oriented

Download the latest Strengthscope® whitepaper here.

The Strengthscope® system (www.strengthscope.com) is the world’s most complete and innovative strengths profiling system that helps energize peak performance at work. Strengthscope® focuses on helping individuals build awareness and confidence in their strengths, while also providing powerful insights around risks to performance associated with weaker areas and strengths in overdrive (when strengths are used ineffectively). Helping leaders and employees optimize their strengths and identify strategies to deal with performance risks improves their effectiveness, confidence, engagement, agility and wellbeing.

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