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Simplifying complexity (Ukwanda podcast)

11 July 2022

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    Simplifying complexity (Ukwanda podcast)
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Simplifying complexity

Cognitive, personality, and interest measures remain some of the strongest and most robust, generalisable predictors of work behaviours and outcomes.

But, how do you know whether you are using these measures to their fullest potential?

A recent meta-analytical study conducted by Wilmot and Ones (2021), re-emphasises two areas you need to understand to maximise the effective use of personality assessments in the workplace:

1. Job criteria
2. Job complexity

Job criteria is what you determine to be the most important factors to consider in your job analysis. The good news here is that the research seems to indicate that expert opinions are closely related to empirical findings on which criteria is the most important for a particular job.

Job complexity refers to how challenging a job is relative to others and the latest research highlights its importance in determining your measures, trait combinations, and weightings.

Now there's a lot of ground to cover, so get yourself some coffee and join Xander and Cobi in a discussion on Complexity.


Listen to "Dealing with complexity" on Spreaker.



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